The Saber-toothed Tiger

A lineage of men and women of knowledge –or seers– which originated in ancient Mexico regarded Saber-toothed Tigers as beings with an outstanding capacity to perceive non-ordinary realities. The sages of this lineage affirm that such capacity is directly related to the sabertooth’s breathing, which is very deep and expansive. For them, breathing in this manner enables the body to call in on the force that binds everything in the universe together –a force they call Intent.

It is Intent that allows anyone who taps into it to enter non-ordinary states of perception. The seers of ancient Mexico called these states “Dreaming”. The art of Dreaming –it is an art– can be practiced while one is awake or asleep. Mastering it, however, takes a lifetime of the most arduous discipline and purpose. Seers referred to this kind of purpose as ‘Unbending Intent’, and affirm that Saber-toothed Tigers possess such unbending intent that they did not actually go extinct. According to those men and women of knowledge, some members of that genus transferred their awareness, through Dreaming, into another realm of perception. “It is not they who are imprisoned”, seers say, “but us”.

Each one of us, however –if we so desire–, can reclaim or rightful legacy as travelers of awareness. And, just like the Saber-toothed Tiger of Intent, Dream our totality into a new realm of perception. The name given to this realm by the seers of this lineage is Total Freedom.



8 Replies to “The Saber-toothed Tiger”

  1. This morning I recalled a dream. I found this post on a search to find meaning/interpretations regarding Saber Tooth Tigers and thought you or others could help provide some insights.

    Here is my recollection in writing: I was in the middle of the woods and there was this very calm lake (glass like). It had around it both trees and beautifully bold rocks (not rounded.. but angular.. but not sharp and piercing.. just angular with some rounding to them). Also.. there were rock outcroppings in the lake too. I can’t remember the exact scenario but there were people who entered the forest that had some sort of rude intent… can’t remember what it was…. but nonetheless.. they were not courteous… they were off somehow… I was in conversation with them at some point… not sure if I entered the forest with them or not but I never felt “of” them… just beside them. Well … as I walked a GIANT Saber Toothed Tiger emerged with force from the lake … it actually lept from the lake high into the air and landed on the shore. I could see the smooth lake and the rock outcropping beneath and behind the tiger as it emerged. It confronted one of the people on land and I think pinned him/her and then went onto the next… I don’t recall the tiger killing anyone… just scaring the heck out of them… and then the saber tooth tiger lept back into the peaceful and smooth lake. Not a ripple. Very calm. Then I woke up. To me this brought comfort…It felt calming and powerful. I felt as thought the Saber Tooth Tiger was my friend…. my ally.

    1. Beautiful Dream. Thank you for sharing it with us! As for the meaning, it is you more than anyone else who knows it. Trust your intuition/inner seer. The secret is not to question the answer you get from it, no matter how outlandish or non-sensical could appear to your mind.

  2. I’ve read everything by Carlos Castaneda, some other materials by other lineages of the Toltec, and unbeknownst to me at the time, an apprentice of Don Miquel Ruiz. I recall from the art of dreaming a reference to the realm of saber tooth tigers, but I’m wondering if you have other recourses that you could share win me?

  3. I dreamed of being in my Animal science class and my teacher had something on one of the tables. I couldn’t see it since it had a white plastic cover on it. My teacher took it off while smiling and a large saber toothed tiger stood tall. It looked around the room until it looked at me. It wouldn’t look away, it would just keep staring at me. It happened for about maybe 5 minutes until I walked out the door and I was in a building with the interior (walls, doors, etc) made of metal. As I walked out the door of my class, I saw the saber tooth tiger leap off the table and run to my side to walk with me. I got to a set of metal doors and the saber tooth tiger ran up to it, sat down, and stared at me expectantly. I walked up to it and pet it while we were both smiling. Then the dream ended

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