Hercules is a 900-pound-heavy, 6-feet-tall and 12-feet-long liger who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest cat.

Born from a lion father and tiger mother, Hercules grew into an impressive creature, able to run at speeds of up to 50 mph and eat 100 pounds of food in one sitting. Ligers have been known to be fat and unhealthy cats, but Hercules is an exceptional specimen that got the best from both feline races.


Giant Stinson Beach Bubbles

Without Love

Take away love and our earth is a tomb. ~ Robert Browning


You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. ~ Navajo Proverb

Wave I


Growing is Forever


Thanks to Ashley Warrenton-Smith

I have longed to move away

I have longed to move away
From the hissing of the spent lie
And the old terrors’ continual cry
Growing more terrible as the day
Goes over the hill into the deep sea;

I have longed to move away but am afraid;
Some life, yet unspent, might explode
Out of the old lie burning on the ground,
And, crackling into the air, leave me half-blind.
I have longed to move away but am afraid…

Dylan Thomas
Image by Leonid Tishkov

The Natural Method and Parkour (Part I)

Modern practitioners of the Warrior’s way hold a common tenet: adaptation. They practice the art of adapting themselves to any conceivable circumstance and environment in order to function with full awareness at all times. In terms of physical activity, this means that they avoid any competitive mood –except when it is altogether playful–, and embrace instead one of cooperation and affectionate care for their own bodies.
We find these to be some of the things which stand as common ground between modern warriors’ practices, George Hébert’s Natural Method, and Parkour.
Modern Traceurs use the Natural Method as basis for their Parkour performance. And not only in terms of physical preparation, but also in regard to the deeper aspects of Hébert’s philosophy, which address a sense of respect, affection, cooperation and scientific sobriety. Traceurs also stress the fact that Parkour should be for everyone, even though it may not seem so at first glance.
Basic Parkour skills are the natural consequence of practicing Hébert’s method. Therefore, a new definition of Parkour itself could be that of a contemporary set of not-doings: the art of exploring hidden possibilities in the interplay between the body and its environment. Seen this way, Parkour is immediately suited to be approached by any person, regardless of age, gender, or physical condition.* Some exercises from the Natural Method remain as the optimal preparatory discipline for practicing Parkour. And the arts of Dreaming, Stalking and Intending, as practiced by modern warriors, can provide a solid foundation of sobriety and creativity at the integration of these disciplines into a new practical Dream.

* It should go without saying that the movements shown in the video above are examples of professional, top-notch Parkour, Gymnastics and Martial Arts, and should not be –even remotely– attempted by any unexperienced practitioner!

Thoughts are the Stuff of Time

A thought is a terrible thing to waste.

Seeing Castles

Ed Leedskalnin carved this welcoming sign at the entrance to his Coral Castle: “YOU WILL BE SEEING UNUSUAL ACCOMPLISHMENT”. It is generally accepted that this refers to the mysterious castle itself. Another way of reading it, though, would be: “You will be SEEING. Unusual accomplishment”.

Ed single-handedly built not one, but two coral castles. He would only build at night, and never allowed anyone to sneak up on him and watch him work. The exception was a group of children, who once saw him singing to the enormous coral rocks and making them levitate.

He built the castle for his “Sweet Sixteen”. Most people also believe that he was only referring to his fiancée Agnes Stuff, who called off their wedding one day before the ceremony, back when he was a young man. However, he also made it clear that the number sixteen was very important for him in non-conventional, mathematical ways.

Then again, aren’t we also waiting for our Sweet Sixteen, and building our castles of infinite love for them?